Ready For Summer

This past weekend my friends and I gathered a group of us to head to the beach for a beach day. We started planning on Thursday and Friday for Saturday. We all planned to meet around 12:00 pm.

That morning I had to go take pictures at an event until 12 so I got there a little later. People started showing up around 12:30. Once we were all there we hung out and went in the ocean. It was a beautiful sunny day and perfect because it was actually one of the hottest days in a while.

The ocean water was the perfect temperature because it was so hot outside that when you went int the water it was cool and refreshing.

We all played volleyball, football and just tanned in the sun white listening to music.

After being there for a while me and my friend Jaden decided to walk over to the Coral Casino to go in the pool and relax over there. We walked over there and ended up staying there for an hour or so.

After we got bored there, we walked back over to where our group was. As we were wlaking back my friend Chase called me and asked what we were doing so I told him to come to the beach.

When we got back to the group we all ate some snacks and chilled as the sun started to go down. We played some more volleyball and around 4:30-5:00 everyone started to slowly leave on their owns.

It was a great day spent with friends on a beautiful day and we are definitely going to do it again all summer long!


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