Mother’s Day Beach Walks

As you probably all know, this past Sunday was Mother’s Day.

Early Sunday morning my brother, my sister, my dad, and I all woke up early and made my mom breakfast. We all ate together which is very unusual since we never have any meals together due to all the different times we all get home at night. It was really nice to all sit down together for the first time in a while.

We gave my mom all the mother’s day presents we got her then all relaxed. We didn’t have a lot planned for the day and decided on taking a nice beach walk. We eventually all got ready and planned to leave around 9 o’clock but didn’t end up leaving until 11:30 which wasn’t surprising since my family is never on time for anything.

On our way to the beach we stopped by my grandmas house and also gave her all of our mother’s day gifts. We got to Hendry’s beach around 12 o’clock. We all walked down the beach picking pretty shells along the way until we got to the very end point and couldn’t walk any farther. It took us about an hour and a half since we were taking our time and relaxing while walking slow.

Lucky it was a beautiful day out and perfect weather for a nice relaxing beach walk with the family.

It was fun because me and my brother messed around and had a lot of fun spending time with each other outside of the house.

We got back to the main beach at around 1:30 and got a quick snack at the snack shack. After that we headed back home and had a quick lunch all together before I had to go to work.

It was a nice relaxing day spent with my family and I’m glad we got to do this and give my mom a nice day.



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