Free w/ friends

This past week me and all my classmates had our AP tests and finals. It was extremely stressful and we all spent most of our time studying and doing work.

On Thursday we all had our last AP test and planned a big beach party to enjoy the freedom and relax. Right after our test on Thursday at around 12 we all drove to get lunch and then head to the beach. It had been cold and gloomy all week but luckily on Thursday it was hot and perfect weather.

Some people went to Trader Joes to get snacks to bring to the beach, some went other places on their own, and me and my friend Devan went to South Coast Deli.

We all arrived at Butterfly Beach around the same time and went to the Biltmore Hotel to change into our bathing suits. We found a spot and got set up and just hung out for hours. We laid around, played volleyball, played spike ball, went in the ocean, and played soccer.


We were there for like 4 hours until we all started to get bored and cold at the beach and it also started to get darker out. All 15 of us decided to head to our friends house who was at the beach with us. He lived close so all of us hoped in our separate cars and drove to his house.

When we got to his house we showered off and got in comfy clothes. We all ended up playing basketball for hours, then we ate dinner (pizza), and just hung out. We stayed there for hours just like when we were at the beach. Slowly people started leaving one by one since it was Thursday and still a school night even though it felt like Friday to all of us.

It was a great end to a very stressful month/week and was much needed by all of us.


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