Friday Night @ the Fair

Last week the yearly fair was here in Santa Barbara. Me and my friends all went on Friday night.

Before we went, me and my friend Siena met up to get food and get ready. We all originally planned to meet at 7 pm but it ended up being more like 7:45.

Siena and I got there at around 7:45 and got our tickets and wrist bands. We waited a while for the rest to show up so we walked around and just found other friends we knew to talk to and say hi to. We met up with our friends Liberty and Avery and hung out with them for a little because they happened to be waiting for their friends too. Us four all wanted to go see and pet the animals so we did that and even watched pig races.

The rest of our friends, Jaden, Devan, Josie, Charley, and Preston didn’t end up getting there until 8:30ish. Once they got there we had to wait for them to all get their tickets and wrist bands.

We all ended up separating into small groups at the beginning. The first ride we went on was one where we all sit in seat on this bar type of thing and it goes around and around. After that we walked around and went on a couple small rides.

Next we went on the swings. We all love the swings and ended up going like three times.

After that we all met up as a group again and all went on a “roller coaster” type of ride in fours called Pole Position.

After that ride we went on the ferris wheel and ended up going like 4 times accidentally. The view from the top overlooked the whole fair.

In the end we all ended up spending like $40 on tickets to get in and wrist bands for unlimited rides and we only ended up going on like 4 rides. It was a pretty big waste but at least we all had fun!




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