Mammoth Mountain

Every year, my family and I take at least a couple trip to Mammoth. We usually go either during winter break or spring break.

Every time we go we always meet up with friends because there’s always friends we know up there. The time that I’m writing about was last year spring break. During this trip, I spent most of my time with my friend Devan, or my other friends Jaden and Talia.

Me and Jadens houses there were a block away from each other so it was really convenient.

We usually go for 4-7 days. This trip we went for 5 days. Up until this year I used to ski, but now I have started getting into snowboarding.

Our daily routine when in Mammoth is usually: Get up early, head up to the mountain and ski/snowboard all day, go home to change, then go to the village to have dinner and hangout with friends.

Our favorite place in the village is called Side Door, they have the best crepes that us kids usually have for dinner every night.

When in mammoth we also do other things like go to the shooting range, go sledding, or tubing in the snow. One of the recent times we went to mammoth which was this year a couple months ago, it was our first time bringing my dog Lily and it was her first time in snow. Ever since we bring her every time because she loved it.

When we were on the mountain last spring break, me Jaden and Talia liked to mess around and have fun on the slopes.

On one of the days we were there, me, my sister, and my dad all went up to the very top of the mountain. They have a restaurant up there and super pretty views of all of mammoth. It was so high up that I got really bad altitude sickness.

I will be going back to mammoth for memorial day weekend so stay tuned for that blog post!

Oh, and what’s a Mammoth trip without taking a picture with Wooly mammoth?


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