Baseball and Fireworks

Last Friday, my family and some friends went to LA for a baseball game.

My mom had an old friend visiting from South Carolina and they were staying in Los Angeles. We had plans to meet up with her and her whole family but we didn’t know what to do.

At first we planned to just drive down to LA and go to dinner with them. That sounded pretty lame to just drive all the way down there to have some boring dinner.

Then they came up with the idea to go to a Dodger Baseball game. My family loved this idea since my dad and my brother are obsessed with baseball and are either playing, watching or talking about baseball 24/7.

We left after school on Friday. I brought my friend Siena, my brother brought his friend, and my sister decided to stay at home.

I was kind of scared because I had been extremely sick for the last two weeks and wasn’t feeling good at all. I sucked it up and tried to have fun.

The drive down was surprisingly not as bad as I thought. We of course had to make a stop on the way to Starbucks.

We got there really early because we didn’t have anything else to do but it actually turned out okay.

We got in, went to the store, got some food and drinks, found our seats, and relaxed before the game started.

Unfortunately, the other family picked our seats and they weren’t as good as we usually get but they were okay. 

The game went really well and since it was a night game it was the perfect weather. 

The Dodgers were winning the whole time which made it so much better and they won’t 7-0!

Once it got dark the lights lit up and the game went on. 

Since it was a Friday they had fireworks after because they do something called Friday Night Fireworks. Once the game ended the whole crowd ran out on the field to set up their blankets to watch the fireworks. 

After the fireworks (which were amazing), we all got back in the car and drove back. 

It was a great little day trip!


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