Sayulita, Mexico

During summer of 2015 my family took a trip to Sayulita, Mexico. We went with another family who we are very close with. This trip was definitely one of my favorites.

Let’s start with the place we stayed at. We stayed in this huge beautiful house above the beach. Since there were two families it had to be big. When we got there the first thing we did was decide the room situations. Luckily, we all basically ended up with our own rooms and there were even extras. My room was amazing! The house had many floors and was all outdoors so it’s sort of hard to explain but all the room were mainly outdoors separate from the main house except for a couple. I ended up getting my own little house. To get to my room from the main living room, you had to go outside and walk down some stairs.

This was my room. I had my own huge balcony and deck, my own king size bed, my own walk in closet, and my own huge bathroom. It was perfect and I was so lucky to stay there for 8 days. Waking up to this view every morning was so amazing.

We also had a rooftop upstairs. You had to walk up many stairs (obviously). It overlooked the whole beach. I loved spending a lot of my time on free days we had up there.

One thing we did when we were in Sayulita was go on a full day boat trip to this island. The company was calling Chica Locca which I thought was cool. We got on a bus at around 6 am to drive to the harbor where the boat was. Once we got on the boat we all knew it was gonna be a great day. The boat was huge, it had a huge water slide going off the top into the ocean, a trampoline hammock thing in the very front to sit on, hammocks tied all over the boat to lay on, and so much food!

The whole day trip was documented by a photographer with the company so I have way too many pictures to put in just one blog post.

The islands that we went to was called  the Marietas Islands, Mexico. This was an island also called “Hidden Beach” because it just looks like a huge rock from the outside but there is a whole beach on the inside.

Getting in was the scary part. To get in we all got life jackets and snorkel gear. We had to swim all the way through a tiny opening under water with spiky rocks above our heads so we couldn’t really go up for breathe. The current was super strong and many people were struggling. Once we made it through we all chilled, swam, and took pictures there for a little.

Even though it doesn’t really look like it in the picture above, the water is crystal clear blue and its beautiful. We had to swim back out through the opening to get back to the boat. After that for the rest of the day everyone on the boat got to relax, snorkel in the clear ocean, paddle board, jump into the ocean from the top of the boat, go off the slide, or play on trampolines in the ocean. It was a great day. 

Another thing we did in Sayulita was go horseback riding through a jungle, onto a private beach, and through the small town of Sayulita.

During our time in Sayulita, we found many private beaches near the place we were staying at. For our whole stay, we had rented golf carts to get everywhere so it was easy to go out adventuring and find some beaches. Most of the time we were at the main beach where it was super crowded, or one of the beaches we discovered where it was just us. The beach was called Playa Las Tortugas, which means turtle beach in spanish.

Every night/afternoon when we got home after whatever we did that day we would all go swimming in our pool that we had at the house.

One of my favorite things was the view of the sunsetting from my room every night that we were at the house.

Another thing that was my favorite was waking up early every morning, getting ready for the day, and driving the golf cart to a close coffee shop called ChocoBanana. It was delicious.



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