Spring Break in Palm Springs

The past week was spring break. On Thursday my family, my sisters two friends, and my friend all heading to Palm Springs.

Thursday day I had a cheer competition all day in Paso Robles. My family drove down there so when it was over I could go with them.

Once my cheer thing was done it was late at night and we planned to drive a little to San Bernardino and stay in a hotel that night. We got there and all went straight to bed. We woke up the next morning and got straight to driving only about an hour to Palm Springs/ Palm Desert.

When we got to the “hotel” we were all so excited to get out of the hot car and head straight to the pool since it was about 90 degrees out.

We stayed at theĀ Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas and it was amazing. All of the villas were on a golf course, there were pools with every building, there was a kids center, a movie theatre, and more.

During the days we spent all our time at the main pool tanning in the sun.

Each night all five of us girls, me, Donnay, my sister Julia, Campbell, and Lila would all go to one of the near by malls to shop, walk around, and have dinner.

The mall me and the girls went to the majority of the time was perfect because it had our favorite restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory.

It was nice to have us all to hangout with and be on our own to do whatever we wanted and we never got bored.

The room we stayed in was perfect but the only down side was there was only one main bed that my parents got and me and my friend got the pull out couch. My sister and her friends got stuck with air mattresses because I tricked them into it.

Every morning, waking up to a beautiful day, looking off the balcony, onto the golf course was amazing.

We all got super sunburnt from spending hours and hours in the burning hot sun by the pool but it was worth the pain because they turning into great tans.

The drive home on Sunday afternoon wasn’t that bad and actually had some pretty scenery.

Oh, and the amount of milkshakes we had every day, each day was insane and probably not healthy. But we were on vacation so why not.


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