Beach Days

This week is spring break. The perfect time to relax and go to the beach.

On Wednesday me and my friend Jaden from @storythroughclothes blog decided it was time for a chill day at the beach. I was super stressed out about a cheer competition I had on Thursday and thought going to the beach and relaxing would help me forget about it.

It was a really nice day and was in the high 70’s. It was perfectly sunny out and a pretty hot day compared to some of the weather we’ve been having.

We couldn’t decide which beach to go to because we have many favorites. Our first favorite is Butterfly Beach because it’s perfect and has everything we need. We got really mad when we realized we didn’t have a ride all the way to Montecito where Butterfly is. Plus it was packed.

Our second choice was Mesa Lane, we ended up going there because it was in between both of our houses and we had rides there. Mesa Lane is know for their steps.

To get down to the beach you have to walk down many flights of wood stairs.


Once we got down to the beach we layed our towels down and relaxed/ tanned for a couple hours before we left.

Leaving was the hard part because now we had to walk all the back up the stairs.

Clearly we were both out of shape because we were exhausted and had to take a breath after just one flight of stairs and we still had like six more flights to go.

Once we got to the top we realized we really hungry so we walked to the small mall type of thing where there are lots of restaurants and stores.

The walk over there only took about 15 minutes. When we got there we both got iced starbucks drinks since it was so hot out and we were out of breath from the stairs and the walk over there.

After that we got bored and went into Vons and Rite Aid and messed around until I got picked up and Jaden walked home.



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