Kings Canyon

This past week my sophmore class in the MAD Academy had a retreat in Kings Canyon. Kings Canyon is a snowy landscape filled with huge mountains, big canyons, and big sequoia trees.

The drive up was about six hours with a stop and was surprisingly not as bad as I thought since I absolutely hate long car rides. I think it helped since we took a bus.

There was the perfect amount of snow to do everything we wanted to do. Most of the time we had free time to do whatever we wanted. When we first got there we went on a hike as a group and it was really nice just spending time outdoors with our group of friends.

The next day we all went on another hike after breakfast. Me and my friends were pulling our other friend in a tube who had a injured foot since he couldn’t walk. Long story short, we ended up getting super lost and away from the trail and the rest of our group and we spent about an hour trying to find ways up the snowy hills and through trees to try and find the path. After a ton of hiking and falling knee deep in snow every step, we finally found the path and eventually found the rest of our group waiting and looking for us.

It was actually super fun and a great bonding memory.

Later that day me and my friends went sledding. They had tubes and sleds we could use and it was so fun.

Every night after the fun long days in the cold sun we would all go in the hot tub. It was a great time to wind down and relax after the eventful days.

The next day we all had a huge snow ball fight. It started out really competitive but we ended up giving up and everyone just started throwing snowballs at each other.

After that my friends Elliot and Ryan asked me and my friend Kyelee if we wanted to go snowboarding with them. Neither of us had been snowboarding before so it took us a while before we made the decision to just go for it. We got our boards and boots and headed up the mountain.

We didn’t know what we were doing but our friends helped us and we both surprisingly got the hang of it really fast. It was so fun and I’m so glad I did it so now when my family goes up to Mammoth I can actually snowboard like I’ve always wanted to do.


On the last morning, I was woken up at 6:00 am by my friend Preston telling us to walk down with him and our friends to watch the sunrise in the hot tub. I was half asleep and yelling at him for waking me up at first but once I got myself out of bed and outside I was glad I did.

This trip was definitely one I won’t forget and I already wish we could go back!

Oh and the amount of card games we played at night and during meals was insane but super fun! Not having our phones made it even better because it made us all engaged with each other and I became super close with so many new people.



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