Weekend by the Water

My weekend was spent by the beach, pool, and hanging out with friends.

Day 1: Friday

After school on Friday I went over to my friend Siena’s house on the mesa. We thought it would be a good day to swim in her pool since it had started getting hot but it ended up being kind of cloudy so we just went in the hot tub.     

After that, we went to my house and hung out there for the night and slept there.

Day 2: Saturday

Saturday morning we woke up and went downtown to get breakfast at Pacific Crepes. It was my first time going there. We both got nutella crepes with strawberries on top and it was delicious.

After that we went back to Siena’s house and her dad told us that our friends Preston and Riley were down at the beach surfing. Siena lives right on the beach so we got ready and walked down. Right as we were walking down we found our Preston and Riley walking down also.

We hung out at the beach for a couple hours while the boys surfed and then we called our friends Jaden and Ineka to come meet us at the beach. Once they came, we walked back up to Siena’s house to get food and Ineka had to leave. We went back to the beach and layed in the sun until they were done surfing.

After we all hung out there for a little we walked back to Siena’s house again and all went in the pool.

We hung out in the hot tub until it was getting dark and we had to leave Siena’s house.

Jaden got picked up and me, Preston, and Riley walked back to Rileys house to shower and change.

After hanging out there for a little I ubered to my house to shower and change. I then ubered over to Preston’s house where Preston and Riley now were.

Jaden came and picked us all up there later and we all went downtown to hangout and have dinner.

To end the eventful day by the ocean and pool, we walked down to the pier and hung out by the ocean.

Overall it was a fun weekend at the beach and pool in the hot weather which was much needed after having cold weather for a while.





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