San Ysidro Trail

A couple weekends ago on a Sunday morning, my friend Devan and I were bored and we ended up spending a lot of time trying to decide what to do. It had recently rained and was still pretty cloudy and grey outside so we didn’t think it was really an outdoor kind of day. We eventually decided to just go on a hike since we couldn’t think of anything else. The next problem was trying to figure out where to go and who to go with. We called a bunch of our friends but they were all busy so we were on our own.

Next, we had to figure out where to go on our hike. Devans dad suggested a hike called San Ysidro. Neither of us had been on it so we thought it would be fun.

This hike begins in Montecito  and is about 2 miles long. The hike started off in a big grassy field with a trail. Then it went off onto a rocky trail along a running river. As the hike went on there were lots of small waterfalls in the river.

On the way to the top waterfall, we also had to cross lots of rivers. Since it had just rained the rivers were filled with rushing water.


There were also a lot of little cliffs and rocks in the way on the trail so we had to be careful walking around those since the ground was still a little slippery from the rain.

This hike is perfect for a hot, sunny day because the majority of it is in the shade.

Once we got to the top it was amazing. We didn’t know what to expect before since we’ve never done this hike but after we knew it was one to do again. The huge waterfall was rushing down from the very top into a small pool underneath.

From the waterfall, the river kept flowing into the other rivers that we say before.

The best part, other than the beautiful waterfall right in front of us, was the amazing view on the other side.


This experience was definitely one to do again.


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