Maui, Hawaii

Who doesn’t love adventures to Hawaii?

Last summer me and my family took a vacation to Maui, Hawaii. It was paradise. Except for the fact that the majority of the trip I was stuck in our condo with the flu. That sucked. Other than that, the few days that I wasn’t in bed sick, I had an amazing time.

The first thing I have to talk about is the place we stayed at. We stayed in a condo complex right on the beach. The best part was waking up, walking outside onto the patio, and over looking an amazing view of the ocean and trees.

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Every pathway was filled with tropical plants and trees which made it so peaceful to just walk around and enjoy. Also, all the paths lead straight to the sand on the beach and there were private pools all over the lawns.

The beach where our condo/hotel was on was incredible. Even if we stayed at the hotel the whole trip it would have still been paradise.



One thing I love about Hawaii is if we we’re out doing something or even just hanging out at the beach next to our condo, it was never boring and there was always something new we were discovering.

For example, the first day we got there we went straight to the beach to check out the water. The water is amazing. Snorkeling in the crystal clear, warm water was beautiful especially around all the coral reefs and discovering new fish and weird but cool sea animals.


Our first adventure away from the hotel was to go to “Big Beach” also know as Makena beach. One of my close friends was even named after this beach and I knew we had to at least stop by. This beach is known for its beautiful, soft sand, and incredibly big blue ocean waves.

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One thing I love and hate most about Hawaii at the same time is the fact that more than half of the cars you see there are Jeeps, my absolute dream car. Oh and they’re not just any Jeeps, they all happen to be the EXACT type of Jeep I have wanted and probably always will want my whole life.

I love it because it just makes Hawaii even better, but I hate it at the same time because every where I look it just taunts me and makes me jealous that I can’t have all those cars.

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The next place we went was called Black Rock. I feel like I keep saying this but it was one of my favorite parts of Hawaii. Black Rock is this huge rock at another beach where everyone jumps off and into the water.


Getting up on the rock was hard since there were so many people trying to get up at once, the rocks were wet and slippery, and it hurt because of the rocks and the ocean pushing you against them but once you got up it was all good. Most of the people were so scared once they got up and would take forever to finally jump. I’m the kind of person that isn’t scared to take risks so I just walked straight past everyone, went for it and jumped right off.

The only real scary part for me was when one of the times I was jumping off, the second my feet left the rock to jump, some guy standing next to me on the top of the rock yelled “WATCH OUT THERE’S A TURTLE UNDERNEATH YOU!” I panicked, but there was nothing I could do (since I was already in the air about to hit the water). Lucky, right when my body hit the water, the sea turtle dove under me and didn’t get hurt.


After our trip to Black Rock, we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon in Lahaina. Lahaina is the cutest little town on the water with dozens of Hawaiian shops and restaurants. We had dinner there and then walked around and shopped for the rest of the day.

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The last place we went to on our trip in Hawaii before I got stuck with the flu was called The Road to Hana. The name is pretty self explanatory. On the way is a famous hike with huge waterfalls that we had to stop and do. (The drives everywhere we went were gorgeous.)


On the way to the main waterfalls there were lots of obstacles…

blogpost4pic1-18 blogpost4pic1-15

We clearly didn’t listen to the “Experienced Hikers Only” sign. Also we had to walk through a huge flowing river that was about waste deep, with our clothes on.

Once we got there it was definitely worth it, even though the water was completely freezing and we only went in for the pictures.

blogpost4pic1-16 blogpost4pic1-17


Another great thing about Hawaii is that even after long, eventful days, or just chill days doing nothing we still had the energy to go back to the beach at our hotel and do things like find sea turtles and swim with them. Which by the way was an amazing experience just like swimming with dolphins in Honduras!



One of the hardest parts was saying goodbye to the amazing sunset and sunrise views, beautiful waters, amazing adventurous places, and even the short little trips to the nearby mall


Hawaii was definitely an amazing trip, other than the part when I got sick with the flu and missed out on 5 of the 11 days we were there!


I also learned that my name in Hawaiian is spelled Emele!


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