Day Trip to Solvang

Lately, me and my friend Oakleigh have been taking a lot of trips up to Solvang and around the Santa Ynez Valley.

Oakleigh has some really close friends who live in Solvang, and my best friend Donnay lives in Buellton so it works out perfectly when we go up there. I’ve become friends with Oakleigh’s friends up there so when we go, we pick them up and then drive ten minutes to Buellton to pick Donnay up. It’s fun because since Solvang is close to Buellton and Santa Ynez we always figure out little things to do all over. We’ve all become really good friends from making these trips weekly!

Sometimes being up in the valley it can get pretty boring so we always have to come up with new idea of what to do.

One reason going there is great is because even the drive is pretty! Wheather we take the freeway or the pass we either have a beautiful view of the ocean or pretty green grass fields freshly wet from the past rain storms we’ve had.




If you don’t know what Solvang is, it’s basically a small little Danish Village where there’s a ton of small shops, restaurants, hotels, and lots of other little things to do.

The majority of the good stores and places to eat are in Buellton so after we pick Donnay up we usually hangout around there for a little and eat. Since Solvang, Buellton, and Santa Ynez are all next to each other and its such a small area, basically everyone knows each other so we always meet up with some of Donnay and Braxton and Jake’s (Oakleigh’s friends) friends.

blogpost3pic1-10 blogpost3pic1-9

After being there for a while there’s not a lot to do so we usually have to come up with our own ideas. This last time we went up we ended up going to a creek and walking around the trails and in the water since it was raining and the creek was full.

blogpost3pic1-6 blogpost3pic1-5 blogpost3pic1-4 blogpost3pic1-3

It got pretty muddy and windy so we went back to the car and drove to our favorite market there where me and Donnay got lattes and girlscout cookies. Perfect snack for a rainy day!


Another semi-fun thing to do is go to the emu farm. It seem kinda weird but when there’s nothing else to do and we run out of options it can be kinda fun.

Another thing I love about Solvang is how cute and cozy the whole town is especially when it’s raining and cloudy out.

blogpost3pic1-8 blogpost3pic1-7

We usually leave to head down there right after school around 1 pm and end up leaving Solvang after dropping Braxton and Jake off at home around 9 or 10 at night. Solvang at night is super pretty and fun to drive through slowly because all the trees and villages are lit up but string lights.


Oh and one thing we can never forget to do when we’re taking the freeway up there is holding our breathes in the tunnel for goodluck! 🙂



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