Roatan, Honduras

Here’s a little about my adventure to Roatan Honduras!

In December 2014 my family took a trip to Roatan, Honduras. Roatan is an island in the Caribbean. The second we got there we knew it was paradise and that we were going to have so much fun. The day we flew in, it was stormy and raining and we thought it was going to ruin our whole trip. Lucky for us, when we woke up the next morning it was perfect weather, sunny and clear skies. My dad’s side of the family is from Guatemala and I have over 100 cousins and relatives that live there. Every other year we go to Guatemala to visit them. This time we thought it would be fun to all meet up in Honduras for 2 weeks before we all flew back to Guatemala to stay there for another 2 weeks. Being in the Caribbean was fun but having all my cousins and family to hangout with made it even more fun!


There was always something for us to do! Weather it was leaving the resort and going zip lining, swimming with dolphins, hiking up to the top of mountains, or even when we were just hanging around the resort where the beach was right outside our rooms and we could go jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, swimming in the pool, and even taking fun rides on the banana boat. I loved how we had so much freedom just running around the resort but still had so much to do and had the whole beach right at our hotel.




One of my favorite things we did was swimming with dolphins. We actually got the experience to swim around with dozens of dolphins in an open ocean. I learned that dolphins’ personalities are just like dogs. They love to play and swim around. The instructor told me that if I grabbed a piece of seaweed or any type of plant from the ocean floor and threw it, the dolphins would play fetch with. I tried it and sure enough I ended up playing fetch with a couple of dolphins for hours because they wouldn’t let me stop.


Another amazing thing we did was zip lining. Since I have been to Guatemala so many time already I have been zip lining there and in other places many times. The thing that made zip lining here in Roatan so special was having the huge view of the clear blue ocean from the top of the mountains.


What I loved most about Honduras was being able the still be swimming and having fun on the beach and in the ocean during sunset and even when it was dark out and still be swimming in warm water.



Leaving was very hard but flying away from the beautiful island on a private jet with me whole entire family from Guatemala made it a little better.

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Oh and another great memory I’ll always remember was having my bathing suit ripped off of m body in front of everyone by a dolphin trying to play with me!


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