Getting Funky in the Funk Zone

This past weekend me and my friend decided to go on an adventure around downtown Santa Barbara to take some pictures. It didn’t really turn out as planned in the end but we still had fun and got a couple decent pictures while we did it. The first place we went was downtown SB to eat and walk around. After that we walked down towards the beach to decide where we wanted to go and to look for places to take pictures.


The next place we went to was the Funk Zone. If you don’t know what the Funk Zone is it’s a small area in Santa Barbara where there are a bunch of small cafes, galleries, and shops that cater to Santa Barbara’s contemporary side. We went there will the intentions to take a ton of cool pictures with all of the wall art but then later remembered, when we got there, that they took them all down due to construction. We didn’t really know our way around the Funk Zone or where to go now and what we should do. So we ended up just walking around the Funk Zone for a while and even found a couple cool walls with large paintings on them and took a couple pictures there.

blogpostpic11 blogpostpic10 blogpostpic9

We walked down State Street near the train tracks and found this new museum that we wanted to check out. It turned out they were closed so we didn’t know where to go. Next to the museum we found this cool brick building with stairs that we walked up to take pictures at.

blogpostpic3 blogpostpic8

We then decided to walk down to the pier and walk around down there before it got dark. Even though it was getting dark and starting to get really cold and windy we were stupid and thought it was a good idea to go get ice cream. As we were walking down the pier to the ice cream shop we stopped to take some pictures of the sunset over the ocean. When we stopped I noticed some of my friends were sitting down on the sand hanging out having a picnic. After we got ice cream we went down to say hi to some friends that were sitting on the beach together. We hung out with them for a while before we left.

img_1966 img_1967



We started the day with a completely different objective than how we ended the day but it turned out better than we thought

blogpostpic2 blogpostpic1


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